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I don't really like talking about myself... I just don't see why anyone would want to hear about me... but Jinny and Albert have pages like these! So I should probably have one too! :^)

I've mentioned my name before this, but I guess I'll introduce myself again. I'm Ophelia! I'm a 16 year old girl with an interest in animals and drawing. I could talk about creatures forever I think! They're just so extremely radical (Albert taught me that word)! I'm a skittish but creative (I think?) person. My best friends are Albert and Jinny! They're both really, really great.

At any given time, you can probably find me dragged along on some sort of adventure with those two. I'm not complaining however! I'm a reserved person, so the new experiences are good for me. I grew up in a... very different place than where I am now... so everything I see is new and amazing. Sometimes Albert is confused why I think "mundane" things like the trees and sky are so beautiful. I'm confused how he's just used to seeing such beautiful things every day!

How do you even begin to get adjusted to such a stunning world? How is everybody not constantly amazed?

Off the top of my head, the coolest thing I've done lately is go to the Wandering Lights festival. It's a festival Albert's town hosts every Autumn. The festival is supposed to celebrate the nights getting longer, so there's cute star decorations everywhere :^). There's a parade with floats, and they all light up and twinkle! It felt like the whole town was shining!

The festival was wonderful, but also sorta overwhelming. There was just too much going on at certain points. It felt like everything I heard and saw was stifling me like a heavy, stuffy blanket. I'm not completely sure how to describe it. But Albert helped me find a quiet place when it became too much, and it all turned out okay. :^)

Oh! Before I forget! I've recently heard about this celebration called Halloween. It's a holiday where everyone dresses up and gets treats! Albert's mother, Morgan, has been helping me put together a costume. I'm going to dress up as a cat (something I also learned about recently!). I'm so excited!!!

I mentioned where I used to live briefly, and I don't really care to get into it. You can probably find more details on where we used to live on Jinny's page.

So... now you know a bit about me! :^) I hope that was at least slightly interesting to read! This internet is such an astonishing place, letting us all learn about each other like this!

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(To avoid confusion: This page was actually made by Squirrel from the perspective of one of their ocs! This is an in-universe webpage for her character. The stuff on here doesn't represent Squirrel directly. :D)