UH not completely sure what to write here, it's still very much a wip. :P I'll just kinda ramble about various Deltarune things! yeah! :)

What is Deltarune?

Deltarune is a video game made by Toby Fox, creator of Undertale (I don't think I need to explain Undertale ). Deltarune is like an official AU of Undertale kinda? same characters for the most part, they're just in a very different situation. Deltarune is it's own thing away from Undertale though. they share some themes I guess? like analyzing control in video games? but Deltarune isn't completely a spinoff. :P probably explained that badly. oh well!

there's only 2 out of 7 chapters of Deltarune released so far, so it's kinda hard to analyze :,). yknow when there's a hiatus between tv seasons/episodes and the fanbase doesn't have any new content, so everyone goes rabid and makes insane theories? the Deltarune fanbase is like that pretty much all the time hahah. I kinda love it though. all the theories are incredibly goofy :D. not believable usually imo! but very silly! I think the only realistic theories people can really make right now are "I have a hunch this might happen!", just because we literally only have a fifth of the game released lol.

my little hunches about Deltarune are that Papyrus is up to something (maybe he's the knight? idk) and that Rouxls Karrd might be a secret boss at some point. those two are just sorta fishy!! Toby is bringing a lot of attention to the fact we haven't met Papyrus yet- I feel like there's some story stuff there. :P oh oh also! speaking of Papyrus! as I'm writing this, there's going to be a Papyrus QnA in the next Deltarune newsletter! I'm very excited for it!! :))))

ope kinda got off topic with theories there lol

How does Deltarune inspire me?

it's sorta hard how to pinpoint how Deltarune's story itself inspires me, considering it isn't finished yet. BUT the characters inspire me! a whole lot! :D I LOVE how warm and fuzzy Deltarune can be. :) and I love how it balances that with silly goofy moments! I feel like it says a lot about this game's writing when the game is nowhere near finished, yet it's so easy to connect to the characters (for me at least). all the interactions between the characters are so full of life! I REALLY hope to achieve that in my writing someday! :3

another way Deltarune inspires me is through the spamton sweepstakes stuff. if you don't know, the spamton sweepstakes were a charity event where you could enter donate to enter the sweepstakes and win some deltarune-related stuff! :D but one of the coolest things about these sweepstakes to me is how many links + secrets there was! they totally didn't have to inject lore into this, but they did! and it's REALLY COOL! :D I didn't know about the sweepstakes until it'd been running for a minute. my friend told me about it, and we sat there, clicking through all the hidden links and wondering what the different mysterious images could mean. it was so much fun!!! :3

my favorite part of the sweepstakes was Noelle's blog. honestly, I kinda stole the comment section idea and put it on one of my oc's sites :P. that blog was just SUCH good character building for her! Noelle is probably my favorite Deltarune character, and I think that cute lil blog is a reason why! :D

OH OH ALSO! Deltarune's art inspires me a lot!! the animations are all so fluid and the colors are so nice and AGH! I LOVE IT!! :DDD oh and the music too of course. I love this entire soundtrack so much. it's super cool to me how much character is injected into each of the songs! all the themes assigned to characters fit super well too! :D I wanna make character themes for my ocs someday, it seems like a lot of fun hehe

My thoughts on each Deltarune chapter :3

Chapter 1 Chapter 2
chapter 1 is a really good introduction! :) some of my favorite moments are exploring Hometown near the end of the chapter and any scenes with Ralsei lol. I like Susie's little arc too :3. can't think of any big criticisms I have off the top of my head.
I LOVED chapter 2! it expanded on the ideas introduced in chapter 1 really well! :D this is also when Deltarune's ability to balance sadness with comedy stuck out to me more. I love the ferris wheel scene especially- the dialouge just feels so realistic! I think I like this one a teensy bit more than chapter 1? which is a good thing, cause that means it builds upon chapter 1 really well! :)
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter not released yet!
Chapter not released yet!
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter not released yet!
Chapter not released yet!
Chapter 7
Chapter not released yet!