Where I put animal images I take or find! :^)

This one is an owl, if you can't tell! :^) Albert tells me those are sorta rare around here, so I'm very glad we were able to get a photo of one! Did you know owls are seen as a harbinger of death sometimes? I don't think that's very fair. It's not like the owl has bad intentions. Maybe it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time... could happen to anyone...

I didn't take this photo, I just found it online! I think it's funny. But I feel a bit sad for that squirrel.

Speaking of squirrels, I found this guy the other day! :^) It was very early in the morning. I like the early mornings; it's very quiet. Albert wasn't very happy when I woke him up to take this photo, though. But I think getting up early to see a cute little rodent is a noble and good reason to get up.

:^) I actually took this one! Not Albert! Figured out how to use the camera. There's a bird in there, I swear. Wish I could get closer and identify it... Oh well.

This photo is Jinny's favorite! She says she feels a spiritual connection to these opossums. Kinda kept her up last night telling her opossum facts, I hope she didn't mind. :^) Did you know opossums automatically enter an unconcious state when faced with danger? This is a defense mechanism, but if the predator decides to eat the opossum anyway, the opossum is unconcious and can't do anything about it. It seems like they have control over how they respond to attacks, but that control ends up being just an illusion in certain cases. Horrifying!

Edit January 5th, 2016: Uh... Sorry I didn't keep updating this... Got a little bit busy with personal stuff :^)


(To avoid confusion: This page was actually made by Squirrel from the perspective of one of their ocs! This is an in-universe webpage for her character. The stuff on here doesn't represent Squirrel directly. :D)