Where I ramble about pokemon! :3

music playing: dewford town from pokemon emerald! :)

my favorite pokemon cards are to the right! :3 I wanna make them scroll later but I can't figure out how right now... T_T

man I never know how to start the writing on these shrine things xP. I don't think I need to explain pokemon right? it's silly monsgter befiredning game :3. and you befriend silly guys. and you battle them and it's silly :3.

I don't think I remember a time where I wasn't into pokemon lol. copying the art on pokemon cards was one of the things that first got me into drawing!!!! me and my 1 (one) friend would get together to draw eevee 80 million times hehe it was a lotta fun :]. I didn't play a pokemon game for a minute though. for a pretty long time, I just collected the cards and watched the anime.

my favorite seasons of the anime were X and Y and the original series. maybe liking X and Y is a controversial opinion? xP idk. I feel like people don't like that generation all that much. I should rewatch that series just to see if it holds up hehe. I remember my favorute part of the series being Serena's whole plotline. I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked Serena :3. and I still think she's pretty silly. she singlehandedly made sylveon my favorite eeveelution lol.

I don't remember AS much about what I liked in the original series? I remember liking Misty a lot. my favorite episode was the one where ash jsut. dies. I think??? am I misremembering that?????? I SWEAR there was an episode where they all went into a haunted house and Ash got licked by a Gastly or something and ofc he didnt die but also Gastly licks are supposed to kill peoiple???? little child baby me found a theory once that Ash actually did die in that episode and that the rest of the series is his heaven or purgatory or whatever.

OHHHHH THINKING OF THEORIES ALSO HAS ME THINKIN ABOUT POKEMON CREEPYPASTAS I LOVED THOSE :3. they creeped me out SO BAD. ofc I learned about lavender town n stuff. there was also one about a dead body or something? sorry I have such a trash memory xP. I remember the story being something like "I was in the graveyard tower in pokemon red and then my pokemon were battling a dead body and then body parts were falling off my character and OoOOooOoO ghost in the gameboy!!!!!" normal creepypasta stuff lol. I remember trying to tell my parents about these cool stories I heard and they tolf me to never ever look for scary stories online again. which made the creepypastas scare me even more obviously. they were forbidden now!!!! creepy spooky!!!!!!! :000 I should make a whole squirrel chatter on creepypastas. being a horror loving but also extremely anxiety ridden kid, they scared me really bad T_T.

nowadays I play the pokemon games more than collect the cards or wathc the show. I've been slowly but surely making my way thorugh all the games I can get my hands on!! >:3 I'll put all the games I've played in a little list here (in chronological order based on when i played them) and have details in the dropdown. :]

Pokemon Emerald

this was my first pokemon game!!! I played it through one of those shady emulation sites that definitely gave me 80 million viruses. I would say I was a dumb kid and I'm better with my online activities now, but I'm playing through pokemon white on a very similar shady website so :P. I can't really say that can I :P. BUT ANYWAY I remember really liking emerald!!!! most of my favorite pokemon come from this generation just cause I have such fond memories assocuated with this game :). breloom is my love of my life I love you breloom!!!!! I don't think I ever beat emerald though. I got to Flannery's gym I'm pretty sure? then I couldn't beat her because my team was made up of a kirlia, combusken, and like 3 grass types xP. and I've always refused to change my team to beat a gym so I just gave up after a while. listen i get attached to my pixel creatures ok I don't wanna abandon them in the pc!!!!! another memory I have is being stuck on this one part for MONTHS because I couldn't figure out that I had to use surf on a little river. I'm pretty sure I had surf!!!! I jsut didn't interact with the water for some reason!!!!!!! also I tried so desperately to get my 1 (one) friend to play this game with me but she never did :(. so sad. aaaaand that's all the silly emerald stories i can think of rn :3. I lvoe that game a lot!!!!

a pokemon mystery dungeons game (can't remember which)

ok so uhhhh I dont remember much about this one (obviously, i can't even remember which pokemon mystery dungeons game it was xP). I played this on the same shady get-500-virus-and-die website as emerald. my biggest memory with this game is trying my hardest to get eevee on the little personality quiz in the beginning. I kept getting totodile though!!! nothing agaainst totodile it's a silly guy but eevee :(. I wanted eevee :(. I'm pretty sure my companion friend pokemon once I started was eevee too??? which just rubbed salt in the wound!!!!!! I got frustrated and never played this game again. it seems fun though I wanna try it agian sometrime!!!!

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl remakes (forgot what they're called xP)

this is the only pokemon game I've ever finished and I HATE IT. CAUSE THESE REMAKES ARE SO. ToT they're just okay imo. not the worst pokemon game evr made, but definitely not the best either. I never played the original diamond/pearl games (blasphemous i know) so that's probably why these remakes didn't feel TOO stale to me. I've heard these games are pretty much just diamond/pearl but with different graphics and more glitches :P. I can't remember what my team was for this game? x( I know it had a misdreavus named Puppy on it. and this game made misdreavus definitely my favorite pokemon so I can thank it for that :3. I would not have beat Cynthia if it wasn't for Puppy thank you Puppy :3. misdreavus is the peak of character design ever I will never make anything better than misdreavus I love it so much. BUT ANYWAY back to my thoughts on the yknow actual game :P. I think the only thing I really really disliked about this game were the graphics? I'm such a sucker for the 2d pokemon style so I'm definitely biased but oh well. Diamond and Pearl are really pretty and I feel liek they sapped all the fun stuff out of the art!!!! :( the grass is so boring and desaturated!!!! also the dramatic scenes look SO funny when the characters are chibified, I couldn't take any of them seriously lol. the lighting is really pretty thoguh, especially at sunset :3. oh also the elite four battles were really fun!!! cynthia took me actual months to beat. when I finally beat her I told all my friends and they didn't care at all rip T_T. sensing a theme here lol.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

uhhhhhhh gonna be so honest I haven't finished this game either. my brother has thoguh he really likes it :3. I wish I could finish this game it's pretty fun!!!! but I think it's just not my thing. I know every single pokemon game is the same and variety is awesome and cool but whenever i play this game the neurodivergent part of my brain goes "NO ITS DIFFERENT!!!! KILL IT!!!!!!!! THIS ISNT POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!" :,3. also this game was released at a really weird time imo. if I'm remembering correctly, wasn't it released and then like a month later pokemon scarlet/violet was announced???? I couldn't think about or focus on legends arceus AT ALL cuz I was too busy being excited for the next game x(. I don't think I have many thoughts on this game besides "different bad" which sucks cause I really really wanna like it!!!! maybe I'll just sit down sometime and try it again and see how I feel about it.

Pokemon Scarlet

you guessed it! I haven't finished this game either! :D I'm like halfway through I think. I like this game a lot but it has the same issue with me that arceus has where I hate change. open world is super duper fun in a pokemon game! but also I don't know where I should be goijng ever TwT. I think this is a me issue though cause the game is fun 90% of the time. one of my favorite things about this game are the characters actually! which I never thought I'd say for a pokemon game! xD the characters need some work I think (cough cough they talk like robots cough cough) but I like them a lot :3. the four main characters have a fun dynamic together I think. they're fun to put into situations in my mind :3. I like the designs a lot too!!!!! another thing I like about this game is the picnic thing :D. it's a small feature and probably doesn;t matter to anyone ever but I love it a lot!!! makes me so happy to see my silly pokemon team running around. and sometimes it glitches and they run into the water or something and it's funny and goofy. my favorite thing about pokemon has always been getting attached to the creatures so I'm glad I can just watch them play! :) I can't remember what my team was made up of I'll have to check sometime. OH ALSO I have mixed feelinsg on the pokemon deisgns for this generation. I like some of them! I think tinkaton is really fun! but also that weird dolphin superhero guy exists. and he's soooo ugly x(. I don't even mind the whole dolphin superhero concept it coud be goofy and fun!!! I don't like that guy though >:T.

Pokemon White

as mentioned before, this is the pokemon game I'm playing through rn! :D I'm not very far yet at all I'm only on the second town maybe. I like it a lot so far though!!!! I've heard really good things about this game :3. the story hasn't picked up yet but the rivals are some of my favorite so far I think. that may or may not be because they remind me of my ocs but oh well. I love hwo this game looks too!!!!!! :D I love love love how the battle sprites are animated they're so expressive and full of life!!!!! I'm not sure what pokemon I'm gonna put on my team yet. I chose oshawott for my starter though and named him fishstick. I'll update this section as I play through the game and discover new silly things!!!! :D