look at this self portrat this is me actually

uhhh don't really know what to put here.... :P just a buncha lists of stuff I like I guess! cause that's kinda the most info I'm willing to put out right now. with some text on each bullet point sometimes! :]

(definitely gonna put more graphics on here later)

My hobbies!

✩ drawing cartoons! (will probably put my art somewhere on here sometime hehe)
I love drawing! I love making things with my hands and being able to hold it and stuff. I also love to see myself improve in my art :3. oh oh! I also love bomding with other artists!! everyone's art is so different and I think thats super duper cool!!! :D my sketchbook is 1000% my most prized posession it is literally an extention of my brain.

✩ theatre!
I'm a dirty dirty cats fan I'm sorry :P. but not really cause cats is good actually (I WILL die on this hill). I've been doing theatre stuff for a good amount of years now and I love it a lot! :)) I love everything about it akskjfhadlksjh!!! wait no actually I love everything but auditioning that's very scary. waiting for a cast list to come out as I'm writing this I'm going insane

✩ html obviously! :D
✩ kandi!! :DDD

I also play piano sometimes but I don't really have much to write about that here it's kinda just something I do ocassionaly :P..... that reminds me I should practice

some lists of media I like a lot! (in no particular order)

✩ animation!

I love animation so much ahh!! :D I don't watch much live action anymore cause animation is just so much more fun to look at :P. one time this girl I was acquantances with said animation can't convey as much emotion as live action so it's inherently worse, and I don't understand or agree with that at all :/. I love cartoons so so much

  • An American Tail (I love this movie a lot not completely sure why)
  • Steven Universe
  • The Owl House :,)
  • Kiki's Delivery Service!!!
  • Infinity Train
  • Puss in Boots 2 (I'm still extremely obsessed with this movie it was so pretty!!!!!)
  • Into the Spiderverse
  • Green Eggs and Ham (haven't watched the second season and I don't really intend to :P)
  • Hilda (big time comfort show for me + inspires me a lot :3)
  • Wander Over Yonder (REALLY gotta finish it but I'd say I'm a big fan of what I've seen :3)
  • moral of the story: make myself finish shows, why do I procrastinate things I like to do

  • ✩ musicals!

    I love musicals!! :) I so deeply wish we lived in a society where you can just burst into song. I think it's really cool how emotion music can put into a play :3

  • Falsettos (first act somehow tricks me into thinking it's just silly and fun EVERY TIME)
  • Cats
  • Spongebob the Musical
  • Fun Home
  • Les Mis!!! (I've loved this one forever :3)
  • Ride the Cyclone
  • I'm DEFINITELY not into Hamilton anymore but it was so formative for me that it feels wrong to not put it somewhere

  • ✩ video games!

    I think video games are really cool!! :DDD I kinda wanna make my own videos game someday. but that someday is far in the future I don't have NEARLY enough coding knowledge right now

  • PSYCHONAUTS (I'm sorta insane about psychonauts rn)
  • Undertale/Deltarune (I'm slighly more into Deltarune though)
  • Epic Mickey!!! :D
  • I'm really not into Omori anymore but I was super hyperfixated on it for so long (and it still has a big inluence on how I tell my stories :P)
  • Mario Kart!!!!
  • Pokemon (I like Emerald the most :3)

  • ✩ music!

    I LOVE music it fascinates me so much!! no music genre is safe from my love ehehe >:)! (except maybe the nine songs they play on most radios. they're not bad songs I guess? things are generally popular for a reason? but if I hear levitating by dua lipa again I might scream)

  • various musicals (see above :P)
  • Lemon Demon/Neil Cicierega
  • Jack Stauber
  • The Scary Jokes (I used listened to all their albums ALL THE TIME but I only really listen to April Fools anymore tbh. that album just itches my brain just right I guess :>. there's a remastered version that was released a lil bit ago I strongly reccommend it hehe)
  • Vylet Pony!!!!
  • Abba! it makes me very very happy! :) even the sad songs!
  • Billy Joel
  • David Bowie (Jareth from labyrinth is my idol tbh)
  • Will Wood
  • music from any of the video games listed above :P
  • Vocloid in general!! Rin + Len are my favs :D
  • Jack Johnson
  • Kero Kero Bonito!! Time n Place makes me cry :)
  • Louie Zong

  • various random things I like about life :)

  • the sky!! I LOVE the sky! it's always there and it's always pretty and it always cheers me up a bit. :) idk big fluffy clouds just make me smile

  • the rock cycle! I just think it's neat! :D I have a lil rock collection

  • when I bake something and give it to my friends and they like it :)

  • ok this one's maybe a little out there. I really like history, so one day I was looking for cool stuff about the 1920s, and I found out a trend back then was for women to paint their knees with flowers, their friends, or their pets :3! they did this because it was sorta becoming more normalized for skirts to be shorter. skirts weren't above the knee yet, but they were short enough to where you could see someone's knees when they danced or something. so to celebrate this freedom, women painted their knees! :))) idk I just think that's very delightful! you should look up photos they're very nice. I gotta paint my knees sometime I think. here's a really good resource on knee painting. it has a buncha news articles from the 20s n stuff. :3

  • my friends!! I love my friends a lot + I'm very grateful for them!!!! :)

  • when it's spring and all the trees bloom with little white flowers

  • vintage fashion I LOVE learning about vintage fashion