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6/6/24: well this is a little awkward isnt it

mood: pretty bleh honestly, anxious for no particular reason :P
current favorite thing: probably curry :)
song that describes my week: not sure actually I'll get back to you on that one


honestly couldn't tell you why I didn't update this website in a meaningful way for so long? kinda just forgot about her honestly :P. oops.

I've been up to the same old same old. theatre (did urinetown for our spring musical :D was a lotta fun!!!!), drawing ofc, end of year nonsense yadda yadda. oh wait I think that's why I haven't updated this page. been too busy probably. I think my resolve for next school year is gonna be to not spread myself so thin xP. cause I like being busy!!!! but I think I use that as a way to ignore my emotions and such so uh. maybe i should sort that out before I pile a buncg of responsibilities on myself again. it's so bad I've been becoming the evil workaholic business dad that's in every kids movie for some reason T_T. "well I won't get much work done next week since I'll be visiting my family, but maybe I can cram some in if I-" NO SHUT UP!!!!! SHUT UP EVIL BUSINESS DAD BRAIN!!!!!!!

oh speaking of oblgations and stuff something that happened these past few months is that I'm in this cool little paid art apprenticeship program rn!!!! it's been really helpful in starting my portfolio and stuff :D. however honestly doing art in a work environment like this kinda has me rethinking art as a career????? like do I realy wanna give up my #1 passion in this entire world to capitalism???????? cause I was SO burnt out after the last round of the apprenticeship oh my god. work art is also just never as fufilling as art i make for myself. I kinda had to relearn how to make art for myself recently :P. but on the other hand I just can't envision myself working a 9-5 desk job. idk. I'll figure out this dilemma sometime. xP

anyway back on the topic of this website, I think what I wanna do next is redo my oc page and maybe make a little art gallery! :D I also have stuff for a portfolio hypothetically but I need to actually sit down and make that webpage sometime. but I don't want my poertfolio to be linked to this website honestly. hello hypothetical employers here's my sparkle land where I tlak about pokemon and being cringe dont you totally wanna hire me now!!!!!

hoping to get back in the rithym of updating this site again!!! cause i love it here!!!!! :3

2/17/24: valemtine!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!

mood: my tummy is so full I made the most bangin frozen potstickers :3
current favorite thing: my friends ocs (theyre a kitty and a robot and they love each other almost as much as i love them)
song that describes my week: geeks in love by lemon demon

valentines day makes me so happy so this week was pretty awesome!!!!!! :3 I made all the people I love little notes and passed them out and it was so delihtful!!! I love valentines day I love telling the people I love how much I love them hehehe!!!! :D

I've been on such a lemon demon kick lately hehe, geeks in love has been playing in my head all week :3. me and my friend made this goober oc guy named Geordie and decided he really liked lemon demon and thinking about Geordie has made me remember how absolutely bangin lemon demon is!!!!! I haven't been SUPER DUPER into his music since like. the seventh grade :P. I think my favorite songs are geeks in love, between you and me, sad, reaganomics, aurora borealis, and sundial :D! reaganomics is extremely underrated and I will fight people on this opinion

hmmmmmmmm. not sure what to write about besides valentines day now :P. my week was pretty standard besides valentines sighhh. winter blues are still kickin my butt :(. but there's like a month until spring!!! month and a half!!!! we're almost there!!!!!!!

2/12/24: a comically misfortunate injury (but it's ok cause it's comical)

mood: pretty meh :/. tired
current favorite thing: homestuck but specifically this au me and my friend made
song that describes my week: time today by kero kero bonito (been in a kero kero bonito mood lately I guess hmmmm)

man I got busy again right when I resolved to update this more!!!! I'm gonna try to update it every sunday I think. but missed last sunday cause a) forgor b) I sprained my ankle while walking???? it was during closing night of the last show I was in too. right before the big dance number T_T. dumb dumb past squirrel thinking the ankle was fine and walking on it way too much right after writing the last blog entry... sigh......

so I couldn't walk for a lil bit and you'd think I wouldn't be swamped with schoolwork after missing 3 days of school but when you combine that with the work I was missing before it's UH. A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT. or maybe it's the normal amount of homework and the adhd is just adhding. could be that too xP.

I think it's okay this all happened though cause I had to wear a comically large boot (went up to my knee) and got to kick my friends with it and make jokes all week about how goofy it is to sprain your ankle while walking of all things :D. my toxic trait is that I think it's hilarious when I get injured and then I never shut up about it ever

ANYWAY other stuff that heppened last week: my friend made me watch hazbin hotel and UH. it was a....... show certainly!!!!!! I have very, very mixed feelings on the whole thing. cause I think some characters and plot points have potential they're just not done well at all. I hate when I have complicated feelings about complicated shows like this hazbin should just be bad!!!!!! (hate vivziepop forever though #1 vivziepop hater)

1/28/24: wowie! new squirrel chatter page!! :D
current mood: so exhausted T_T but also cozy!!!
current favorite thing: pokemon
song that describes my week: only acting by kero kero bonito (flashing images and loud noises in music video!!!!)

hiiii!!!! long time no update :,3. but look!!!! new squirrel chatter page!!!! :D I was getting bored of the old one it was quite ugly. I still wanna scatter some graphics around but I like this page quite a bit hehe. I thought this would be a place to ramble about my hyperfixations, but then I realized it'd probably be more fun if I rambled more about stuff besides media I like. there will still be yappin about video games and comics and music!!! I just kinda have seperate pages for some of those now. :] so this is kinda more of a diary. I'm gonna try and update this weekly :3

it's only been around 3 months since I updated this last but MAN has it been busy T_T. just finished closing night for a musical last night :,). I never realize how busy I am from musicals until after the fact. I guess I had less rehearsals/dance numbers in this show than the fall musical? but it was still super exhausting :,). but also fun!!! I got to sing a super duper silly song and I had a lotta fun with my character!!!!! :D I should have a lot more time to work on my website now that performances n stuff are over hehehe. OH ALSO!!! doing costume tech for the next show we're putting on!!!! that's exciting!!! :3 I lovelovelove sewing and costumes and I've wanted to dip my toes into tech for a while so yayyyy!!!!!

OH another thing that happened recently: I finished writing another chapter of my comic!!! now I really just need to write chapter 3 and finish the outline then I can actually start drawing chapter 1!!!! :333 I have a way to go I know,,, but I'm a LOT closer to posting my comic than I was even a couple months ago!!!!! I think I'm making good progress :D.

been an exciting but also rough couple of months. I hate winter it makes me so sad :(. the news makes me sad too. and night time. but it'll be ok hopefully because spring will come eventually!!!!!