music playing: Koopa Cave Medley by Asuka Ohta and Ryo Nagamatsu! :)

right now the only webpages that are up are Albert and Ophelia's! there's still more I wanna add to ALbert's page too :)

I'm gonna put stuff for my ocs here! I'm going to make a webpage for each of the main characters and like pretend they made them. so I can put a bunch of silly backstory on there :D. I'll probably have bios for all the characters too.

for now I'm just gonna throw a list of the main and side characters in my story! stuff will be up about them soon! :3


lil story summary: Ophelia and Jinny have lived in the underworld as long as they can remember, but once the Grim Reaper is kidnapped, they're thrust into an adventure in the living world! :) hijinks and unlikely friendships ensue!

☆ Main characters ☆

  • Ophelia (middle in image): person who grew up in the underworld! she has a deep love for life once she's in her element! also would be a cats the musical fan.
  • Jinny (far left): silly ghost gal! has been friends w/ Ophelia for years :). extremely bubbly and impulsive person!
  • Albert (far right): grumpy guy. has committed crimes against dead people. collects absent parents like pokemon cards

  • ☆ Side characters ☆

  • Morgan: Albert's mom. a very sweet (but also very overworked) witch! :D
  • Ivy: Albert's stepmom. she likes plants and avoiding people!
  • Ford Cruller Orion: kooky old guy who's secretly very mysterious and sad and important to the story!

  • ☆ Antagonists ☆

  • Ajax: stinky mean manipulator >:(. masks herself from everyone around her (for a totally not mysterious and secretive reason)
  • Adalia/Addi: silly goofy imp! she'll do anything to chase fun and adventure. and I mean anything... O.o
  • Eneas: angry NON-goofy imp. they are constantly reigning Addi in and fuming >:(