SQUIRREL CHATTER #3: On Horror Games

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it's late at night and I really wanna ramble about why I like different types of scary games! :) so I'm gonna do that now!
the first horror game I remember really liking is this blair witch one? it didn't really have anything to do with the blair witch honestly, it was kinda just "get lost in woods! spooky stuff ooo!!!!" I remember it being kinda scary though! but I also have a REALLY weak tolerance for horror :,). I wish I could handle it more cause I really like it but alas. the thing I remember the most about the blair witch game is that you have a dog which you can pet and feed treats to! :3 the dog survived too I think!!!! every video game should have that actually. little german shepard which follows you around.
but anyway other horror games I like hmmm. OH! I really like rpg maker horror!!! :))) it feels unique from other genres of horror, with more emphasis being put on story and ambeince (in my opinion :P). now. being completely honest the only rpg maker horror game I've actually played is ib. I just know... way too much about other rpg maker horror games!!!! ^^' especially yume nikki!!! I REALLY wanna play yume nikki some day it's so cool to me!!! the mystery of the story of that game is so interesting :). I've looked at so many theories for the meaning of this game + they're all so fun to ponder! I don't know if I completely subscribe to just one theory, but I think overall, yume nikki is about Madotsuki's loneliness and isolation. I think this mainly cause of the bird girls in that one party dream (that made no sense sorry), the wideness and isolation of all the dream worlds, and... erm.. the fact that Madotsuki is alone in her apartment for the entire game. actually the more I think about this the more I realize this is less of a theory and more just a theme of the game. oops :P. WHATEVER next game now!!!
I gotta mention omori here don't I :P. I really like omori and I think it's an amazing game!! it has its flaws, but overall, I love it a lot :). I've seen some people say omori isn't scary at all which uh. omori terrified me :,). mirrors still freak me out a teensy bit (I mean they did before kinda but they scare me more now). and the entirety of the truth segment was constantly at least creepy. I think my favorite thing about omori's horror is the art style of it. most of the game is in a pixel art style right? but a lot of the horror elements are more detailed or straight up photographs! it makes the horror feel super out of place (which is especially fitting in headspace) and I just think it's really cool!!! :))) I wanna try more photo/editing stuff in my art sometime. I really like how omori's horror segments ties into his fear over the truth getting out too. omori's really cool go play it!!!!
hmmmm. other horror games I like. idk those were the main ones :P. I really like ib, the crooked man series, and the witches house, but I don't have a lot of things to say on those. also not an entire game, but I like the creepy abandoned building segment near the end of psychonauts 1 too :). I have more thoughts on this stuff, but I'm having trouble putting thoughts into words, so I'll probably write about scary stuff again sometime soon! :D
signing off for now,
- Squirrel! :3