SQUIRREL CHATTER #1: On Lili Zanotto

I don't think there's a single thought behind those eyes


Lili! my favorite plant-loving weirdgirl (tm)! :) I have a lot of thoughts on her haha. gonna organize them in a numbered list. VERY MINOR SPOILERS FOR PSYCHONAUTS 1 AND 2!
1. Lili is SUCH a weirdgirl and I love her for it :). I think she probably wants to connect with the other campers in pn 1, she just sorta pretends that she doesn't want to. Lili you don't have to be a super cool badgirl you can want friendship that's normal :(. if you haven't read Lili's campster page you 1000% should because it's very silly. all the campster profiles are so silly and so of their time. I love all those little neurodivergent psychic campers :)
2. on the topic of pn 1 campers, I think Chloe and Lili are besties. Chloe is a silly space camper. I love her :D. their friendship is sorta just hinted at, but I can run with that >:). I think they both haven't had many friends throughout their lives, so they relate to each other with that loneliness. they make their first friendship bracelets for each other!!! :)))) also Chloe has no idea what Lili sees in Raz.
3. Lili makes me a little sad. :( she reminds me a bit of Annabeth from percy jackson. her dad is the head of the psychonauts, so she's been raised to be a psychonaut her entire life. WHAT IF LILI DOESN'T WANNA BE A PSYCHONAUT HUH???? :(((( it's literally stated in the game that she's been training since she was like 3!!! that's not healthy probably!!!! Raz and Lili both need the longest break ever and should go on a vacation together. they would enjoy disneyland. take Raz and Lili to disneyland.
4. ugh. Lili was under so much stress in the second game :(. I think about the scene at the beginning of pn 2 where she's trying to get to her dad a lot. YES, it's silly and probably doesn't mean much. but Lili still really wanted to get to her dad!! she was really worried!!! :((( I think Lili feels conflicted about her dad. it's implied Truman's... not the greatest dad ever... BUT IT'S ALSO IMPLIED THAT THEIR RELATIONSHIP IMPROVES AFTER PN 2!! :D boxman from ok ko made me such a sucker for parent improving plotlines. obviously Truman improving as a father doesn't erase his ignoring Lili. but I like to think things improve for them. it's comforting. :)
5. genuinely so interested in how Lili will develop when she's older (also interested in how Raz will develop too for that matter). what if she rebels against the psychonauts at some point because she feels they stole her childhood? :00c AU ideas ahh!!!
6. I think Lili would like spiders a lot. she feels connected to them cause they're kinda scary and quiet and outcasts too. I have a spider plush I NEARLY named after Lili. decided to name her after Fred though :). her full name is Fred Trina Augustus Zanotto. so I guess Lili sorta snuck in there hehe
7. I genuinely can't decide if I ship Raz and Lili or not. >:P on one hand I've seen some VERY cute fanart, but on the other hand I really like the idea of them just being besties when they're older. cause "dating" when you're ten doesn't mean you're gonna get married. but brains also regularly pop out of people's skulls in this franchise, so idk why I can't suspend my disbelief for Raz and Lili being married. :P
UGH I LOVE LILI SO MUCH :D I turn her around in my brain all the time. was a lotta fun to write out all my thoughts about her!!! can't wait to do this with other characters!!! :3 might write about Mr. Fred Bonaparte next time. I love that character so much for no reason.
signing off for now,
- Squirrel! :3