SQUIRREL CHATTER #2: On My Favorite Element of Psychonauts :D

couldn't think of a good image so here take Raz plush


idk how long this is gonna be but it's been on the mind lately so :P

basically lately I've just been thinking about how much I love the found family dynamic in Psychonauts :). I think it's really sweet how all these characters are kinda outcasts due to being psychics, but they find community in each other. it's just so comforting and nice!!!

specific characters that come to mind when I think about this are Sasha, Milla, and Raz. I just think it's so nice how Sasha and Milla kinda automatically adopt Raz! :)) I love the Aquato family as much as the next person, but Raz wasn't accepted for his psychicness at all until the second game. and even in the second game, some of his siblings are still jerks to him. (by "some of his siblings" I mean Dion. I do not like Dion very much and I don't understand how he's a fan favorite character. :P but that's besides the point.) the Psychonauts as a program definitely has it's flaws, but Raz must feel so accepted at the motherlobe! for probably the first time in his life, he's surrounded by people like himself!! :)

(oh uh. just remembered like half his siblings and his dad are psychic. but they were also not embracing/hiding their psychicness so they don't count)

just ugh!! I love the found family trope SO MUCH!!!! gives me all the warm fuzzies!!!! :DDD

signing off for now,
- Squirrel! :3