some websites I use to make/find the stuff for my website! and also sites I think are just neat! :)

websites I use to edit photos n stuff

gif resizer!

site I use to make the glittery titles! looks like theres some other useful editing stuff here, but I haven't used any of that yet!

blinkie generator! :) I recommend going to the "recently generated" tab hehe, you can find some silly ones there

site with a bunch of old web graphics! really similar to gifcities

online pixel art drawing program!

online ms paint!

online kidpix!! :D

hex code color picker!

copy + paste text symbols!

sites I use while story planning/writing!

blog with a bunch of helpful articles on different parts of writing!

not sure how helpful this will be to anyone else haha. my story happens to have an 1800s esque setting for a minute + an orphanage, and this was helpful in understanding what orphanages might've been like back then!

article on writing grief (idk how useful this'll be to anyone either... again it's sorta specific ^^' helped me though!)

3 person activity generator! I put my characters names in and generate a bunch of random scenarios with them if I need chapter inspiration! :)

just various things I think are cool!

epic mickey 2 comic scantalation! I SWEAR I found the epic mickey 1 comic somewhere, but I lost the link :(. art in this goes way harder than it should!!!!!

topolino duck comic scantalation (Ducks on the road)!