BREAKING NEWS (updates): local squirrel redos their blog page completely!!! who gave this rodent internet access?

music playing: Placing Our Dreams in Technology by Kikuo feat Hatsune Miku! :)

currently working on many little wip fun pages because adhd :,3 I should be doing polishing/little touches.... but that's boring sighhh. brainstorming ideas to update my oc page too!!!!!

I tend to be too lazy to link things in my sidebar..... so this sitemap's really useful! TuT

hi, I'm Squirrel! welcome to my little space on the internet! :D this website looks best on a chromebook cause that's what I use to code! it looks really broken on mobile or desktop :,(, this also uses graphics not made by me! graphics I made will generally have asterisks by them. I'm very new to HTML, and this website will be under construction for a while! :] bookmark this site if you wanna see the changes! :3c
I like animation, drawing, and video games! :) I think vocaloid is pretty cool too

I'm also in the early stages of making a comic right now. I'll probably put that here when it's ready :3
sites I use and enjoy a lot! :3

OH and here's my button if you wanna link me!!!
please let me know if you do so I can link you too!!!! :D

aw look! Ophelia's happy to see you! :)

* *



☆ make a website mascot of sorts? o_o
☆ add graphics scattered around on squirrel chatter page
☆ figure out how to loop and autoplay youtube embeds
☆ figure out how to make a rainbow border!!! :DD
☆ make Jinny's webpage
☆ figure out divs (for real this time u_u)
☆ find some more stamps to put on here!!
☆ make some shrines (vocaloid, psychonauts, pokemon, epic mickey, steven universe, etc)
☆ figure out how to make it so title doesn't have padding behind it (probably has something to do with divs. can I make a div that has margins but not padding?)

thank goodness for cats :)